L R G School was started with a mission to bring top quality education to Hindupur. Over the years, with a dedicated team of teachers and administrators, we have developed into top class institution. With the growth in human knowledge and experience, the nature of education has changed leading to the evolutions of newer and effective methods of teaching. In the more recent past, there have been improvements in the techniques and tools used to impart school education. At L R G, we embrace this change and take the initiative to bring these newer and effective methods and technologies to provide the best-in-class education. An invigorating value based learning experience awaits our students at LRG.

We have been a model school to take these bold steps forward and will continue to have provision of quality education as our top priority. As a school, we firmly believe that education should be for life, not just for a living. Education should serve not only to develop one’s intelligence and skills, but also help broaden one’s outlook and make a person useful to the world at large.

Our academic programmes, which include cross-disciplinary subjects, will develop our children as total individuals who will be highly skilled in today’s world that often demands the bridging of several disciplines. Every effort will be made to offer rigorous and relevant learning experience that engage students fully and prepare them for continued success beyond their schooling phase.

My wish is that LRG continues this progress and provides top quality education for all.

Best wishes for a fruitful year ahead.
L R G Group of Institutions