Issue of TC

Issue of Transfer Certificate and other documents

In case of transfer of parents to any other place, and subsequent to this if the parents apply for Transfer Certificate (TC), the fees (as applicable) will have to be paid for that particular term (in which the hardcopy of the application is received by the school office).

Once the application for TC is submitted in the office, after a weeks’ time, the document can be collected in person at office after duly signing.

Issue of Certificates and other documents

Issue of Recommendation Letters, Bonafide Certificates, Fee Payment Certificate, showing the tuition fee paid to school for reimbursement, and other documents required by parent, will be issued on a written request, free of cost.

Duplicate / Subsequent copies of Bonafide Certificate and Fee Payment Certificate will be issued on payment of ₹100 for each such additional copy during an academic session.

Duplicate Transfer Certificate will only be issued after an affidavit stating the loss of the said document and copy of FIR is submitted at School Office, along with a fee of ₹500.
Issue of duplicate ID card will be issued on a payment of ₹100

Issue of Duplicate Report Card and Almanac

Report Card provided to students are meant to be used throughout, or till new ones are issued by school. However, duplicate Report Card may be issued on payment of ₹100. School Almanacs provided to students at the beginning of every academic session are meant to be used throughout the session. Students are expected to take good care of and make efficient use of the Almanac. Replacement copy of the Almanac will only be provided to students, if available, on recommendation of the Class Teacher at a fee of ₹100.